Just a little bit more track

Don was right, I’m already looking for more trains and track. I found a place that has some really good prices and everything is labeled clearly. Amazon has a bunch but it’s hard to tell if it’s the right gauge. They have it labeled as N but really it’s HO. That would be bad. I haven’t bought anything but the cart is already loaded up to $200 in parts, including another train set. I mean bloody hell, I’ve played with the train one night and I want another boatload of pieces. That would be nearly $350 for a model train set. That is crazy talk! But I want to click Complete Purchase so badly. I will wait until Monday. I don’t need to spend that kind of cash on a weekend fancy. Although, the train isn’t all that fun without more track so it’s sort of a catch 22 at this point. It wouldn’t ship out until Monday anyway, so […]

Typical day in Minecraft.

I ran out of resources. I got lost. I feel down. I got molested and killed by a spider. I got lost again. So far I’ve managed to build a door, a chest, a furnace, some tools and plant a tree. I still don’t have a bed and I live underground. Things are going swimmingly!

Clearly we have a difference of opinion

Ok, so what do you do when your boss, who hasn’t actually been managing your team for 8 months keeps saying projects are being cancelled, but you’re currently being invited to meetings to plan out how to design and test the new project. I think someone is a bit wrong here and I’m thinking it’s the guy that isn’t being invited to the meetings. This sort of thing is starting to get old. There is work to be done and resources to allocate and everyone but you says it’s time to get started. I’m beginning to think we need a new manager here.

The Little Engine That Could

After watching a slew of James May episodes about toys from days gone by I felt compelled to get a train set. And that turned out to be a lot harder than I would have thought. It seems model trains are nearly a thing of the past and very few stores actually carry them. I managed to find a small hobby store near me that had a meager selection. I did find a neat little train in the N Scale which is quite small but will suit my wants quite well. It’s very small track but that’s good since I plan to run it on a table and don’t need a recreation of the Orient Express, although that would be cool. It’s such a cute little thing! It was a snap to put together, no pun intended. But the track is a little small. All I have is a small oval to work with. Clearly I will need to buy […]