Dotcom personally made around $115,000 a day

Ok seriously, if the guy is making $115,000 a day, that proves to me media companies need to get off their asses and make content available to the rest of us. If I got to pay a subscription and massive library of timely content was available to me, I’d be all over that. If Fox, WB and all the others made their content available to Netflix as soon as it came out, can you imagine how much people would be willing to pay? Gee, commercial free TV shows broadcast through the Internet for a free? There might be some money to be made here…

Megaupload takes a dirt nap

Other file sharing sites like Fileserve, Filesonic and Hotfile circle the wagons and destroy their links. Looks like all the sharing sites are running for cover. This proves to me that people are more than willing to pay to watch content online and that there is plenty of money to be made. Perhaps if these media corporation built their own sites and mechanisms for consuming content we wouldn’t keep running into these problems. Netflix is fantastic, Amazon is wonderful, iTunes has changed the way we buy music. But, why can’t I watch a tv show that aired last night?

What the hell kind of Holmes fan am I?

I just realized a terrible thing, I’ve never read the original Holmes story where Sherlock and Watson meet. I do have a fine excuse though, it’s not in any of the collections I have. It’s a totally separate book and isn’t part of the standard "Adventures", "Memoirs" or "Casebook" collections. Jeremy Brett never starred in it and quite frankly neither did anyone else. This is sort of the forgotten story. The BBC Sherlock basically re-did it under a different title though. Oh well, time to read and listen to the story myself. I found the eBook no problem as well as the Librivox recording. The one part that bothers me is that my copy of Stanza is corrupted all to hell. The damn thing won’t start. I have dozens of books in there. I’ll have to see if I can restore it from iTunes. My copy of Audiobooks on the iPad was also corrupted and needed to be reinstalled. I […]

Mistakes were made

Meanwhile, back in the world of Minecraft… I finished a little log cabin, complete with gazebo, swimming pool, fountain, bbq pit and even a basement. It also had a loft, plenty of space for a bed and even some bookshelves and paintings on the wall. There was one tiny problem though… I made a slight miscalculation in regards to the positioning of a fireplace. Let me rephrase. The fireplace position was fine, it was the location of all the wood around it that caused the problems. Maybe I’m the type of guy who should build a stone cabin …