The iPad Pro is too overpowered?

Yes. Yes it is. That means we can expect an impressive update to iPadOS 15 to unlock the power of the new M1 chip. And it will be iPadOS, not macOS. It also means we should expect iPad Pro specific apps that share 80-90 feature parity with their Mac counterparts. Apple put the M1 in the iPad Pro for a reason. It wasn’t, “This is so crazy it just might work.” There is a long term plan for the shift and no doubt Apple is diligently working on software ports as well as enticing other development houses to follow suit. It won’t be this month, but it won’t be as long as 6 months before we see high end apps that really push the iPad Pro. Video editing tools will be first, followed by vastly improved audio tools. There will also be big leaps in photo editing and design tools. The Apple Pencil will be pivotal to big software updates. […]

Securing my digital perimeter

Based on several factors I’ve revamped how I store files and send text between machines. This may seem like overkill, but let’s be honest, there are simply too many prying eyes these days. And even though Cloud services are secure, it’s still a hard drive that belongs to someone else. First order of business was to implement a VPN. I have SurfShark running 24/7 on multiple machines. I’m 98% satisfied with how it works. The only glitches have been a slow connection from time to time, and one small period where it didn’t connect. Not sure if that on my end or theirs. But overall, totally worth the money. Next is CryptoEdit, a simple text editor that password protects documents and stores them in an encrypted format. This is for sharing links, emails addresses, passwords, serial numbers, and other details I would prefer not to just throw out there. I have this shared in iCloud and can see information on […]

ClipboardFusion for 65% off at BitsDuJour

As I get back into using Windows, one of the first tools to bring back is ClipboardFusion. This is a great clipboard manager with loads of useful features. It can clean text, perform search and replace, as well as handle custom code solutions. If you need a clipboard manager, ClipboardFusion is an excellent choice. Today it’s even better with a 65% discount at BitsDuJour. ClipboardFusion is a great tool, and this is a great price.

Convert letters to phone keypad numbers with Keyboard Maestro

I ran into this the other day where I needed to convert my username to digits I could type on a phone keypad. While not a big deal, there are plenty of online tools to do it, I wondered if it could be done with Keyboard Maestro. The answer is yes, and in just a few blocks. This is a simple macro, but it has a couple of neat items. First, it gets the text to convert. That text is converted to lowercase and any spaces are removed. It then uses RegEx to check a range of letters such as [a-c] or [d-f] to see what number on the keypad to assign. The values can also be separated using the pipe | symbol. [a|b|c] would be a or b or c. That’s convenient. Once the conversion is done, the final result is copied to the clipboard. This could easily be changed to a text box where the value could be […]