Convert letters to phone keypad numbers with Keyboard Maestro

I ran into this the other day where I needed to convert my username to digits I could type on a phone keypad. While not a big deal, there are plenty of online tools to do it, I wondered if it could be done with Keyboard Maestro. The answer is yes, and in just a few blocks.

This is a simple macro, but it has a couple of neat items. First, it gets the text to convert. That text is converted to lowercase and any spaces are removed.

It then uses RegEx to check a range of letters such as [a-c] or [d-f] to see what number on the keypad to assign. The values can also be separated using the pipe | symbol. [a|b|c] would be a or b or c. That’s convenient.

Once the conversion is done, the final result is copied to the clipboard. This could easily be changed to a text box where the value could be copied, or would stay on the screen longer. I can see the contents of the clipboard, so that works for me.

Again, this macro isn’t complicated or even that practical, but it does demonstrate a couple of neat processes.

It also shows that Keyboard Maestro can be used to make small little applets that are very beneficial.

Convert Letters to Keypad Numbers

Then again, I could be wrong.
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