Securing and sending documents for job and taxes

Since applying for jobs and filing taxes is a virtual affair, how do you secure your documents so everyone doesn’t see your social security number and other sensitive information? With switching jobs, I had to send multiple documents including my driver’s license, salary information, SSN, beneficiary details, birthdate, address, and lots of other personal details. Not information you just want floating around out there. So, how do you deliver such information? Create a Secure Volume: If the other person has a Mac, the easiest thing to do is use a password protected DMG file. It only takes a moment to create and you can drop all your files inside. To work cross platform, if they’re willing to spend a few moments installing software, VeraCrypt creates a password protected volume that works on both Mac and Windows. Another alternative is the password protected Zip file. Using tools like Keka, BetterZip, or 7Zip, add files to the archive, set the password and […]

Well, that two weeks’ notice was awkward

I didn’t want or expect much when I gave my notice. However, getting the cold shoulder and silent treatment from my manager, the leads, and even HR, was a little surprising. I figured there would be some sort of communication about what needed to be done before everything got shut off. After 6 years, I thought there would be a bit more to leaving than this. Apparently not. Confirms the idea this isn’t the company for me.

Securing my Internet connection with SurfShark

Spring is the time to set new projects in motion. One thing I’ve been meaning to do is secure all my Internet traffic with a VPN. I have AdGuard VPN on my iPad and I like the results. I had planned to get AdGuard VPN for Mac, but it’s not available yet. Not a problem, there are dozens of VPN solutions out there. You can’t watch a YouTube video without seeing some sponsorship message from NordVPN, so that was my initial thought process. Their advertising works. However, before making a multi-year commitment I looked over dozens of reviews. Turns out SurfShark is ranked just as highly, but costs less. SurfShark has the same feature set including geo-location so you could watch Netflix, Hulu in other countries. They both offer Kill Switch, so if the VPN drops, so does all your Internet traffic so you don’t leak data.. SurfShark has unlimited device usage. The speeds are comparable. They are both affordable […]

Knowing when you’re out of touch

The other day, as a token of appreciation, I got a gift from my company. Within the giant envelope crammed inside my mailbox was a paper calendar. I have to ask, what year is it again? Who uses a paper calendar? Further, if you were going to send such a pointless item, why wait until the end of March? I can’t even imagine the decision making paradigm.

Knowing When to ask Why

When interviewing for a new job, there’s one question you need to answer, “Why do you want to leave your current job?” And it’s a good question to ask. Not just for interviews, but for yourself. I’ve asked that question of myself for several months. It was prompted by company events and even more so after reading Culture Code and Creativity Inc. Asking that question led to my decision to look elsewhere. I kept asking: Why is Person B leading this meeting, when Person A is far more qualified?Why are we making this decision, again? It really didn’t go well for us last time.Why are we using this piece of technology when we really don’t understand how it works?Why are we adding this feature which contradicts a previous feature?Why am I bothered/triggered by this behavior?Why do I feel I’m being passed over?Why do I feel marginalized?Why does this not feel like a safe place to express my opinion?Why do I […]