🎮 Idle games for iPad

I’m not fully versed in “idle” games, but I have come to discover I quite like them. There are times when we like a game distraction, but aren’t in the mood for twitch reflexes, overt strategy, and investing hours for a quest setup only to be defeated at the last second. That’s where “idle” games come in. So far, I find myself investing time in Tides and My Oasis. Rest assured, there are dozens more. This seems to be a blossoming genre in the App Store. Of course, if you want the best idle game experience, you need GodVille. 🙂 Basically, an idle game is one that takes minimum actual play time on your part. You set the wheels in motion, put the game aside, and check back in a few hours to continue your progress. While the game sits idle, you earn “currency” that can be used to upgrade you to the next tier. Idle games don’t take skill […]

Using an iPad Pro with Scrivener for NaNoWriMo 2021

November is known for many things including NaNoWriMo. This year, I actually have a story idea I want to pursue, so I’ve decide to play along using a two pronged attack, the Mac Pro and the iPad Pro.The main work will be done on the Mac, using the following tools: Scrivener for writing DevonThink Office Pro for research TaskPaper for outlining, tracking and task management For the iPad Pro 12.9, I’m going with the following: Scrivener for iOS DevonThink ToGo (synched with the Mac) Story Planner (May not be needed Although I’ve used Scrivener on the Mac for 5 years, I’ve never tried it for the iPad. I’m going the cheap route and using a standard Bluetooth keyboard and a simple stand. The Magic Keyboard would be a festive touch, but who has that kind of money? The iPad Pro will be my laptop and give me a chance to step away and really focus when I need to hit […]

🍎 First World Problems with the new Apple devices

The commentary coming out about the new Apple devices is pretty tragic. Not the devices, the actual commentary. Reviewers and “experts” have become petty and trite. It’s nothing but first world problems and cry baby whining. It’s not fast enough It’s not a new design The colors don’t match the iMac It’s too small It’s too big It’s not running M1 The bezels don’t sit right with me Not a single piece of commentary about it not performing a task or failing to run a critical piece of software. They are utterly superficial comments. It’s pretty sad that Apple has achieved such a level of engineering prowess that people complain about bezels.

🍏 Disappointing Apple Event?

No surprise, the web is abuzz with reactions to the Apple event. Oddly, a lot of them are filled with disappointment. People are disappointed because there wasn’t enough “stuff.” The upgrades weren’t “big enough.” That makes me laugh. They’re disappointed not because there was something wrong with the event or the offerings. They’re disappointed because they listened to a bunch of “leakers” who hyped up expectations for products that never existed. People go into these events expecting the world because some “leaker” also known as someone who “guesses,” made a 3D render of something he thought was cool. Or made the claim, they knew a guy, who knew a guy, who overheard another guy talking about Apple. They have no insight into what’s going to be released. People feel cheated, not because Apple promised something and didn’t deliver. They feel cheated because they didn’t get a feature they can’t name and was never listed in the first place. So they […]