Quick reaction to the WWDC event

I’ve been watching all sorts of reaction videos from the “experts” and find a mixed bag of what people think. Some are completely underwhelmed. However, that seems to stem from not getting a peek at the next tier of MacBook Pro. Regardless of leaker news, what made you think they would appear at WWDC? There’s no reason to do that. I thought the new features across the OS range were quite good. Not earth shattering or ground breaking, but better than the features we didn’t have the day before. I love the idea of being able to control a Mac, MacBook and iPad using the keyboard and mouse of one system. That is some serious flex as Marques put it. I like the fitness/health features for iOS. The monitoring and data sharing is impressive. About the only let down was no mention of iPadOS tapping the full power of the M1 chip. It’s disappointing, but not the end of the […]

The iPad Pro is too overpowered?

Yes. Yes it is. That means we can expect an impressive update to iPadOS 15 to unlock the power of the new M1 chip. And it will be iPadOS, not macOS. It also means we should expect iPad Pro specific apps that share 80-90 feature parity with their Mac counterparts. Apple put the M1 in the iPad Pro for a reason. It wasn’t, “This is so crazy it just might work.” There is a long term plan for the shift and no doubt Apple is diligently working on software ports as well as enticing other development houses to follow suit. It won’t be this month, but it won’t be as long as 6 months before we see high end apps that really push the iPad Pro. Video editing tools will be first, followed by vastly improved audio tools. There will also be big leaps in photo editing and design tools. The Apple Pencil will be pivotal to big software updates. […]

A few quick thoughts on the Apple Spring Loaded event

I thought the Apple Spring Loaded event delivered quite a bit of excitement. The new M1 iMacs are very nice entry level machines. Some like the new design. Others don’t. I’m a fan of the new look and colors. I hope those color options actually carry over to the 27 and possible 30 inch models. A yellow or red iMac would be awesome. The cabling, matching keyboard and mouse, and external power brick make for a nice package. It’s a well rounded machine that will handle all the same tasks we’ve seen benchmarked with the MacBooks. It might go even more due to the cooling. The fact it’s actually thinner than an audio connector jack is quite amazing. It will be interesting to see if the chin sticks around for the larger models. I wouldn’t be surprised if that disappeared. With the iPad Pro getting the M1 chip, the bridge to the MacBook Air has been crossed. The latest M1 […]

58Keys for writers who use Macs, iPhones and iPads

Since William did me a good turn, I shall return the favor. As I mentioned in a previous post, Some fun YouTube content creators I’ve been watching, I’m a fan of William Gallagher. He’s a writer that uses Mac, iPhones, and iPads to get his work done. Not only that, he writes technology articles for AppleInsider. If that wasn’t enough, you can even check out his personal site where he offer writing classes. Shh, don’t tell him I haven’t signed up for one yet. I discovered his channel through Devon Technologies post, and have been following along. His videos focus on tools and apps to get work done. Some tools like OmniFocus and OmniOutliner you might be familiar with. Some processes like using Vellum to make an e-Book you might not be familiar with. William also discusses the writing process, outlining, scheduling, showcases devices and has put together interviews with other writers and content creators. It’s quite a bit of […]

For the love of iPad. Fun things I’m doing with the iPad Pro.

I have to say, I enjoy the iPad Pro quite a bit. I enjoy the large screen and improved camera, not to mention the huge amount of storage. With that, what have I been doing with it? Even though it has no practical use for me, I’ve been scanning things like a madman with the LiDAR camera. Even though the App Store software is lackluster at best, it’s still incredibly fun. A 3D model of my desk amuses me to no end. I can’t do anything with it, but I like it. From a practical standpoint, I’ve installed a few productivity apps. Notion so I can work on article projects.GoodNotes for taking notes with the Pencil.Notability for taking notes with the Pencil.MarginNote for reading and annotating .PDF and .EPUB files.Mindomo to create Mindmaps.AdGuard Pro to kick ads to the curb. I’ve added a couple new games:Pascal’s WagerLowlanderRush Rally For photo editing:Affinity PhotoAffinity DesignerI haven’t done much with these yet, but […]