Upgrading to Keyboard Maestro 10

I wasn’t expecting this, so a nice present for the end of the year. There is a new Keyboard Maestro 10 available, and I’ve wasted no time in upgrading. When I purchased my license in 2019, I debated and wondered if I would really use Keyboard Maestro. I read one review after another, and while all of them had praise, they painted a different picture of what Keyboard Maestro could do and what it was used for. With the trial version installed, I was presented with a tool that looked a lot like the built-in Automator. Familiar, yet powerful. But, as I read the Wiki, and looked at some of the examples in the forums, I began to see the power and benefit of Keyboard Maestro. It took a little while for it all to click. Yes, it could launch applications. Yes, it could record keyboard actions. Yes, it did have a clipboard manager. Yes, it could be used as […]

💻 Do you need the MacBook Pro M1 Max?

It’s quite a bit of irony. The iPad mini is said to be too slow. Now the M1 Max is said to be too fast. Naysayers, make up your mind. Pick a trite complaint and stick with it. For the rest of us, do you need the M1 Max? Need is a strong word, so it might be a justification. It’s easy to get carried with new toys. The new machine is faster. It’s the latest. It does more. The same will be true when new models come out next year and the year after. That’s chasing the dragon. Let me give a quick story. I paid a significant amount for my current Mac Pro, that was already 4 years old when I got it. As I’ve mentioned it has 2 physical processors for 12 cores, 128GB ram, a 1TB SSD, and originally came with a Titan X 12GB video card. It was a robust machine. That seems overkill for […]

⌘ Hot snippet action with Snippety

Snippety is a tool I stumbled across by accident, and it’s a little gem. I don’t know why I didn’t find it sooner. Snippety performs simple tasks like converting text from upper to lower to proper (title) case. It can store code fragments. It can store long blocks of text. While that sounds like SnippetsLab and TypeIt4Me, there is a neat little trick that makes Snippety a worthwhile tool in the toolbox. It can prompt for input, then perform text substitution. This falls right inline with form letters, variable substitution in code, and generating custom text within a template. For example, Snippety can prompt for a name and include that name in your text fragment. Snippety can offer a custom dropdown, such as products, then use that selection in the output text. It can also drop in the date and grab the clipboard content. It combines some of the features of SnippetsLab, with TypeIt4Me, and TextSoap, sprinkling in a dash […]

⛔ Path Finder, why do you disappoint me so?

After working with and enjoying Path Finder for about a year, it’s time for us to part ways, and not under good terms. Path Finder was a great deal in a previous Bundlehunt Sale, and is a full featured file management tool. So what’s the problem? Turns out it’s actually a subscription, and that doesn’t fly. It’s not just a simple matter of no more updates, I’m fine with that. The software reverts to Trial mode, the nags begin, and clearly it’s only a matter of days before it stops working. I can’t keep using what I’ve already paid for. I don’t rent software, so that’s the end of our relationship. I don’t agree with this sort of business model, so I’m not going to support it. What’s more frustrating, none of this is written out on the site. Nothing states the software stops working at the end of your “year.” You are entitled to free upgrades for a year […]