Using an iPad Pro with Scrivener for NaNoWriMo 2021

November is known for many things including NaNoWriMo. This year, I actually have a story idea I want to pursue, so I’ve decide to play along using a two pronged attack, the Mac Pro and the iPad Pro.The main work will be done on the Mac, using the following tools: Scrivener for writing DevonThink Office Pro for research TaskPaper for outlining, tracking and task management For the iPad Pro 12.9, I’m going with the following: Scrivener for iOS DevonThink ToGo (synched with the Mac) Story Planner (May not be needed Although I’ve used Scrivener on the Mac for 5 years, I’ve never tried it for the iPad. I’m going the cheap route and using a standard Bluetooth keyboard and a simple stand. The Magic Keyboard would be a festive touch, but who has that kind of money? The iPad Pro will be my laptop and give me a chance to step away and really focus when I need to hit […]

Bringing back some of my best apps for Windows

Even though Windows itself can be a struggle, there are some great apps I get to use again. After building a solid workflow on the Mac, I wanted to replicate that as best I could. Because of that I’ve brought back: RightNote AllMyNotes Organizer Breevy ClipboardFusion Scrivener for Windows Even though the full Office Suite is installed, I prefer to use RightNote rather than OneNote. That’s a little sad actually, because I truly enjoyed OneNote 2003 and 2007. I used to have several hundred OneNote documents. But, RightNote is my choice now and holds all my work notes. I have tabs for my Notes, for Sprints, for SQL commands, and automation fragments. More will be coming as we dig deeper into different projects. I have my Jira tickets set up in a task list so I track what I’ve worked on, what I completed, and it’s easy to copy my results into Jira. AllMyNotes is where I store notes about […]

My follow up to using WordCounter

Time to check in on WordCounter. As I look at the stats for the last 15 days, I’ve written 28,590 words, with most of those in Scrivener. A fair bit comes from Slack with 5,000+. TaskPaper has around 2,000 and Hemingway Editor gets some play with 1,500. That is a good amount of writing for 15 days. 30k words is well on the way to a decent novel. I believe 50k is the goal for NaNoWriMo. Some interesting data, but where to go from here? I like the idea of tracking my writing across multiple apps. It shows me where I am working, and which apps gets more use than others. That is beneficial when it comes to upgrades or new purchases. There are plenty of tools to “count” words, but they require some sort of copy/paste, which is pointless. WordCounter tracks words across apps as you type. And you can add the apps you use. From that standpoint it […]

Getting started with Notion

After stumbling across some YouTube videos, I’ve added Notion to my mix of tools. It’s a versatile app that uses blocks to create calendars, tasks, projects, notes, bullet lists, ToDo lists, link between pages, tables, and create a Wiki. Notes, tasks, and lists all exist together. The top section can be free form notes, the middle can be a task list, and the bottom can be bullet items. Because it’s blocks, you can mix and match. You could create a list that links to multiple pages. You could create an outline with items that link to research topics. You can create a table with items and their due date. Each item in the table could link to a page where you store notes and research about the item. It’s a very powerful and robust platform that mixes different kinds of data together. There is no switching to your task app, then over to your outline, then into your calendar. They […]