🖼 Some fun with Picture Collage Maker from PearlMountain

Since I wrote about CollageIt, it’s worthwhile mentioning it’s bigger brother, Picture Collage Maker. They both come from PearlMountain so the feature set is similar and familiar. Picture Collage Maker has more templates such as Social Media, Disc Cover, Calendar, Greeting Card and others. It also features more backgrounds, adding “pages”, and a bit more in the way of page layout. It does fall much more inline with scrapbooking. Picture Collage Maker can perform all the functions of CollageIt, but not the other way around. Not that CollageIt is scaled down, it feels more Web driven, whereas Picture Collage Maker feels more print centric with some nice Web additions. If you want more templates, stickers, shapes and masks, Picture Collage Maker is the way to go. Still, it’s easy to use and can just as easily make a Before/After web image when you need it. Picture Collage Maker

💻 Do you need the MacBook Pro M1 Max?

It’s quite a bit of irony. The iPad mini is said to be too slow. Now the M1 Max is said to be too fast. Naysayers, make up your mind. Pick a trite complaint and stick with it. For the rest of us, do you need the M1 Max? Need is a strong word, so it might be a justification. It’s easy to get carried with new toys. The new machine is faster. It’s the latest. It does more. The same will be true when new models come out next year and the year after. That’s chasing the dragon. Let me give a quick story. I paid a significant amount for my current Mac Pro, that was already 4 years old when I got it. As I’ve mentioned it has 2 physical processors for 12 cores, 128GB ram, a 1TB SSD, and originally came with a Titan X 12GB video card. It was a robust machine. That seems overkill for […]

🖼 Some fun with CollageIt Pro from PearlMountain

Before you furrow your brow and decry, “Scrapbooking??” let me explain. CollageIt is a very useful program for putting together panels of pictures. It can create a mosaic, a grid, or throw together images to create a scattered effect. It’s also very easy to create Before/After image sets. The panel images are very neat so you can see examples of multiple photos within a single image. CollageIt has a lot of presets, quite a few templates and configuration options. Images can have borders or masks. You can easily slip in a background. Add text. Adjust the spacing. Create margins. Add anywhere from a couple to several dozen images The past few JixiPix articles have used CollageIt to display examples of the effects. I find it very easy to use with just enough features to be powerful for the task at hand. At $9.99 it was well worth getting. I’m starting to wonder if I shouldn’t print some of these examples […]

⌘ Hot snippet action with Snippety

Snippety is a tool I stumbled across by accident, and it’s a little gem. I don’t know why I didn’t find it sooner. Snippety performs simple tasks like converting text from upper to lower to proper (title) case. It can store code fragments. It can store long blocks of text. While that sounds like SnippetsLab and TypeIt4Me, there is a neat little trick that makes Snippety a worthwhile tool in the toolbox. It can prompt for input, then perform text substitution. This falls right inline with form letters, variable substitution in code, and generating custom text within a template. For example, Snippety can prompt for a name and include that name in your text fragment. Snippety can offer a custom dropdown, such as products, then use that selection in the output text. It can also drop in the date and grab the clipboard content. It combines some of the features of SnippetsLab, with TypeIt4Me, and TextSoap, sprinkling in a dash […]