Using an iPad Pro with Scrivener for NaNoWriMo 2021

November is known for many things including NaNoWriMo. This year, I actually have a story idea I want to pursue, so I’ve decide to play along using a two pronged attack, the Mac Pro and the iPad Pro.The main work will be done on the Mac, using the following tools: Scrivener for writing DevonThink Office Pro for research TaskPaper for outlining, tracking and task management For the iPad Pro 12.9, I’m going with the following: Scrivener for iOS DevonThink ToGo (synched with the Mac) Story Planner (May not be needed Although I’ve used Scrivener on the Mac for 5 years, I’ve never tried it for the iPad. I’m going the cheap route and using a standard Bluetooth keyboard and a simple stand. The Magic Keyboard would be a festive touch, but who has that kind of money? The iPad Pro will be my laptop and give me a chance to step away and really focus when I need to hit […]

Improve Your Writing With PaperEdit

When it comes to revising your first draft, whether it be blog article or book chapter, the task can be daunting. Of course, there are tools like spellcheck and grammar check in macOS that are great, but what about other problems like, weak phrases, long sentences, passive voice, hyperbole, and other wording to clean up. While it’s no substitute for manually proofreading, tools like PaperEdit can help you focus your editing efforts on these specific areas. PaperEdit allows you to load or paste text, then highlights sentences that could be improved. As mentioned it will highlight passive voice, long sentences, recycled starting words, and repeated words. At a glance you can see where to focus. You can then cycle through each highlighted passage to see if you agree. I find this a great first step in the revision process. If there’s a rainbow of color, it’s time to make some serious edits. That’s not a bad thing because I know […]

How I Use Scrivener for Journaling

Despite the "dear diary" image the word journaling may conjure, it's an extremely beneficial tool and process. It's something I have been doing with Scrivener for years. Travel writers keep a journal of the places they visit, sites they see, people they meet. Scientists keep a journal a of their experiments, the results, and discoveries. Why not do the same thing for the journey of life? The "journal" can take many forms and isn't always written. Some people meditate to clear their minds or to focus on specific ideas. Some use yoga for the same purpose. Others listen to music and step away from tasks and chores for an hour. This allows their mind to explore and wander to new ideas. Others take time to write gratitude and affirmations. Some keep track of goals, activities, or events. For me the journal and the process of writing in it serves several purposes. At times it's a way to warm up for […]

How I Use Scrivener

Scrivener was one of the first, if not the first app I purchased for the Mac. When researching writing tools, Scrivener ranks at the top of the list. And for good reason. It's a complete writing environment that changes the way you approach text, pages, documents, and the writing process as a whole. In my previous life before the Mac, like so many others, I used and was a fan of Microsoft Word. I thought Word 2.0 was quite amazing after all those years of Wordperfect and it's "reveal codes." Word 2003 was an impressive evolution and allowed us to install more fonts than we could ever use. The 2007 version brought a ton of new features, but were they really about writing? That was also my last Word version. The UI and push toward desktop publishing features didn't work for me. When the Mac opportunity presented itself, I jumped at the chance to use Scrivener. For the way I […]