Securing my digital perimeter

Based on several factors I’ve revamped how I store files and send text between machines. This may seem like overkill, but let’s be honest, there are simply too many prying eyes these days. And even though Cloud services are secure, it’s still a hard drive that belongs to someone else. First order of business was to implement a VPN. I have SurfShark running 24/7 on multiple machines. I’m 98% satisfied with how it works. The only glitches have been a slow connection from time to time, and one small period where it didn’t connect. Not sure if that on my end or theirs. But overall, totally worth the money. Next is CryptoEdit, a simple text editor that password protects documents and stores them in an encrypted format. This is for sharing links, emails addresses, passwords, serial numbers, and other details I would prefer not to just throw out there. I have this shared in iCloud and can see information on […]

Securing and sending documents for job and taxes

Since applying for jobs and filing taxes is a virtual affair, how do you secure your documents so everyone doesn’t see your social security number and other sensitive information? With switching jobs, I had to send multiple documents including my driver’s license, salary information, SSN, beneficiary details, birthdate, address, and lots of other personal details. Not information you just want floating around out there. So, how do you deliver such information? Create a Secure Volume: If the other person has a Mac, the easiest thing to do is use a password protected DMG file. It only takes a moment to create and you can drop all your files inside. To work cross platform, if they’re willing to spend a few moments installing software, VeraCrypt creates a password protected volume that works on both Mac and Windows. Another alternative is the password protected Zip file. Using tools like Keka, BetterZip, or 7Zip, add files to the archive, set the password and […]

Securing my Internet connection with SurfShark

Spring is the time to set new projects in motion. One thing I’ve been meaning to do is secure all my Internet traffic with a VPN. I have AdGuard VPN on my iPad and I like the results. I had planned to get AdGuard VPN for Mac, but it’s not available yet. Not a problem, there are dozens of VPN solutions out there. You can’t watch a YouTube video without seeing some sponsorship message from NordVPN, so that was my initial thought process. Their advertising works. However, before making a multi-year commitment I looked over dozens of reviews. Turns out SurfShark is ranked just as highly, but costs less. SurfShark has the same feature set including geo-location so you could watch Netflix, Hulu in other countries. They both offer Kill Switch, so if the VPN drops, so does all your Internet traffic so you don’t leak data.. SurfShark has unlimited device usage. The speeds are comparable. They are both affordable […]

Encrypt Plain Text with Paranoia Text Encryption

I run into this situation fairly regularly. I have a password, server name, or database credentials I need to share to a different machine, but obviously don’t want to send it in plain text. Isn’t there a simple way to encrypt just that data and send it through Slack, iMessage or Mini Note? Many people would say that’s what password managers are for. And they’re right. But, what if I don’t want to buy yet another copy of said tool, or I’m sending this to a Windows machine, or an iPad? There is a more direct and simple answer, Paranoia Text Encryption. This is a free tool for Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS, Android, and as a web page, that encrypts small fragments of text so you can send it over a less than secure channel. This is exactly the type of tool I have been looking for. Most encryption tools want to encrypt a file, or the volume. I want […]

Norton Internet Security 2010 – $33.99

Just in case you don’t already have an AV solution, is selling Norton Internet Security 2010 for $33.99 plus free shipping. I just bought my copy today. It’s a 3 PC license, so that’s only $10 bucks a PC and 50% off the regular price. Not bad kids! Norton Internet Security 2010