A few observations on using SurfShark VPN

I’ve only used SurfShark for a short bit, but so far it has been working well. The connections and speed have been good, along with reliable connections. I’ve actually had it connected on my work and home machines 24/7. Really the only downside is how some sites react. For example, connecting to email or logging into Amazon from different locations, makes them lose their minds. That might not be a bad thing, but Amazon will absolutely give you the 3rd degree if you log in from somewhere unexpected. This includes changing your password, and a several step verification process. Microsoft and Google will do the same. Even when connecting through an email client, they require verification for “unusual activity.” I’ve also had to solve the “captcha” for Google several times when searching for information. All of these are the nature of using a VPN and not specific to SurfShark or any other service. I could easily avoid this by only […]

Securing my Internet connection with SurfShark

Spring is the time to set new projects in motion. One thing I’ve been meaning to do is secure all my Internet traffic with a VPN. I have AdGuard VPN on my iPad and I like the results. I had planned to get AdGuard VPN for Mac, but it’s not available yet. Not a problem, there are dozens of VPN solutions out there. You can’t watch a YouTube video without seeing some sponsorship message from NordVPN, so that was my initial thought process. Their advertising works. However, before making a multi-year commitment I looked over dozens of reviews. Turns out SurfShark is ranked just as highly, but costs less. SurfShark has the same feature set including geo-location so you could watch Netflix, Hulu in other countries. They both offer Kill Switch, so if the VPN drops, so does all your Internet traffic so you don’t leak data.. SurfShark has unlimited device usage. The speeds are comparable. They are both affordable […]