Live from the couch!

The Inspiron is coming along nicely. I used PC Decrapifier to get rid of all the rubbish that came installed with the machine. Surprisingly it went pretty quickly. I laughed at the scare tactics used by Trend Micro to keep you from installing their complete piece of crap program. With that now behind me it’s time to get to the good stuff like Flock, Notepad++ and Office 2003. Just like my other machine I’ve decided to skip over 2007 and keep 2003 since it’s smaller and faster.

This machine is nice and fast with programs starting up without delay. I’m going to try and keep this rig as lean as possible. I think I’ll only install Internet and Blogging tools and not clog it down with wild graphics apps, games or random utilities.

Well, I am going to install one game … Diablo II. I plan to get some gaming in tomorrow.

It’s looking pretty good so far!

Then again, I could be wrong.

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