I finally like my iPod

My frustration level with the iPod has been pretty high. It just seems that so much should be included in the price and every time you turn around there is another accessory it should have. But moving past that, I am finally happy with my iPod. I understand how to get my music on there no problem, I’ve even put some TV episodes on there. And now, I’ve purchased some pretty cool games from the app store. At least I think they’re pretty cool.

So far this is what I have:

Monopoly World Edition
Texas Hold ‘Em
World of Blackjack Pro
Imagine Poker Touch
Let’s Golf
MotionX Poker Quest

These are pretty silly, but they seem so much more fun when you’re waiting in an office or just wasting some time. I’ve actually been playing in the living room since there is so little on TV these days. You really have to play your purchases with this thing, but once you do, it’s pretty fun.

Made with 100% recycled electrons.

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