Finally a use for YouTube

I’ve never really been that big of a fan of YouTube. Sure, I’ve been Rick Roll’d and I’ve looked at all the stupid videos people send in email, but YouTube has never struck me as being useful, until now.

I can now preview iPod Touch games before I buy them. There are plenty of 1-3 minute (and sometimes much longer) demo videos of real people playing so you can tell what a game is like. I’ve seen a few companies offer demo videos on their own site which is fantastic. No need to make a Lite version, just show me how it works.

I’ve checked out videos for Simcity, Let’s Golf, Ferrari GT Evolution, Real Racing, The Sims 3 and plenty of others. And I’ve ended up buying just about every game I thought was cool (Go ZombieVille!).

So finally, YouTube can be used for something more than watching videos of people getting hit in the groin! How cool!

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