So, I’ve been back to the bikeshop three times so far to get issues with my bike trainer worked out. The first one developed a serious knock which made it damn near impossible to use. It worked, but the racket was deafening.

I took that back and they gave me another one. It was the floor model, but they had been using it and assured me it was quiet. Well, it was but the stand had been used so much that it wouldn’t hold the bike correctly. Combine not locking the bike in place with with my less than fluid biking style and you have a bike that comes out of place. I’ve had to pull my foot out of the clips, kick the lever back in place and then clip back in more than once.

On my third visit they decided to piece together the stand from my old rig and the resistance unit from the new one they gave me. There was much laughing and shaking of heads as they determined what to do. I offered just to buy the next model up and put the issue to rest, but I think they were in the mood to “tinker”. The infamous “I got an idea!” was blurted out and to the back workshop they went.

This combo seems to be working since it’s quiet and holds things in place. I still have no form, but at least the bike won’t come dislodged, hit the floor at 15mph and send me flying into my computer desk. Yes, I bike in front of my computer desk. How else can I watch TV shows?

Thanks for reading you majestic sausage.

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