TKO Wings – Free for a limited time


TKO Wings
Published by: TKO Software
Current Version: 1.0 released 2009-07-12
Price: 0.00
Category: Entertainment :: Kids

App Description

TKO Wings

Free for a limited time only!

In this retro 80s-style space shooter, use your smart bombs and shields strategically to get out of tight jams and advance levels. With virtually unlimited levels, how many can you clear?

– free shield when you get blown up
– smart bombs (toast all enemies with the push of a button)
– shields (protect yourself when things heat up)
– animated explosions
– accelerometer support (tilt the device to move left or right)
– navigation buttons (for those who prefer not to use the device to steer)
– high scores
– music/sound effects

Coming in 1.1 (already in development)
– bigger Game Over screen
– Smoother accelerometer support



Maybe I should've written that in a different font.

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