Virtual Voodoo – A voodoo doll in your pocket – just in case

Who doesn’t need a voodoo doll, that’s the real question!


App Description

Are you sitting in a boring meeting, or do you just had a disappointing discussion with your boss, or you just want to win the love of your beloved friend?
Then you need Virtual Voodoo! Now you can use this Virtual Voodoo doll to achive your goals by sending a Voodoo spell to someone.
Of course you can use Virtual Voodo to have just some fun and spend some time by throwing and shaking the doll around till it cries 🙂

Watch the trailer:

Virtual Voodoo Features:

– Personalize the Voodoo doll by using a photo from a photo album or by taking a photo with your iPhone camera
– Choose your favorite pin color and pin it at the Virtual Voodoo doll
– Use your builtin accelerometer or touchscreen to shake the Virtual Voodoo doll around


It's bad luck to be superstitious.

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