The Internet might be getting out of hand

I find it terribly amusing that one of the inventors of the Internet had this to say about some of the services it has spawned:

And surprisingly, one of those trying to is Robert Cailliau.

‘I’m not on Twitter, nor Facebook, or LinkedIn, or any of these systems,’ he says.

Why not?

‘Because they suck in your soul and they will not let you go. Try to get out of any of them, and you will see. They are just like some religions where apostasy is punished by death.’

The monster devouring us: Even the men who created the internet are beginning to fear its power to destroy our freedom

And this is exactly why I’m fearful of the Internet. Sure, it’s great to be able to download movies, music and software, and send email across the globe in mere moments, but someone, somewhere has access to all that and at times that’s a little unnerving. I think we’ve put too much trust in having information out there. People don’t think before they post, or give out details. The Internet is a great tool that has brought wonderous things, but clearly, not everyone is interested in using it for good.

The Internet of today, will not be the Internet of five years from now, and that’s necessarily a good thing.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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