The Six “Wow” Features of Windows 7

Come on are you serious? These are the “wow” features of a new OS? Wallpaper? You are calling out Wallpaper as a feature of an operating system? Let us put aside the fact that there are MILLIONS of phenomanal desktop wallpapers out there, and 98% of them are free, what the hell does Wallpaper have to do with an Operating System? Hello? Are you actually familiar with what an OS should do? In case you forgot, and clearly you did, it stems from DISK Operating System, you know, that crazy code that controls your devices and understands how to talk to hardware. If I’m spending $300+ on millions of lines worth of code to control the latest and greatest devices in a stable and secure manner, the last thing I care about should be desktop wallpaper.

I guess you bought a car because it matched your shoes. No wonder so much technology is going down the toilet. This is about as dumb as saying you should buy Windows 7 because you get a new version of Paint and Wordpad.

Once again where are features like a truly usable file explorer and multi-threaded file copy?

The Six “Wow” Features of Windows 7

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