Weekend Project – Install Ubuntu

I really hope Windows 7 is the last version of Windows I ever use. It’s an underwhelming, bloated, expensive OS that offers practically nothing in the way of feature upgrades from its predecessor. Win7 is Vista with a slightly different Taskbar. Functionally it’s the same annoying OS Vista was, it just has a better installer and driver support. (At least Microsoft got that part under control before release) But as a powerful OS loaded with new and beneficial features it misses the mark completely. Considering Cloud Computing , handheld devices and Chrome OS, I feel the days of the Windows desktop are numbered.

So, I’ve decided to see more of the Operating System world and install Ubuntu onto the machine I just replaced. I think Ubuntu has been making huge leaps in functionality and usability. I originally used Unix BSD 4.3 on an HP mainframe in college (shell scripting indeed!). Since then, I tried my hand at a previous version of Ubuntu and found the UI to be excellent, but a lack of centralized files and updates kept me from really sinking my teeth into it. A lot of that seems to have changed so I’m ready to see what this new OS has to offer.

I’m keeping Windows 7 on this new machine (at least for now), but there is no "Windows 8" in my future. Quite honestly, if I could get OSX on an Intel machine I would switch today.

It's bad luck to be superstitious.

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