Booze Runner

Remember the old Dope Wars game? First it was a DOS game, then got a Windows update by Beermat. Then it disappeared off that platform and an attempt was made to get it on the iPhone. It got toned down and quasi goes by the name of Candy Wars. However, that’s just not a very manly title, certainly not worthy of blurting out to passersby when asked what you’re playing.

However, a new rev of the game seems to have cropped up. Going by the name Booze Runner it seems to have many of the elements of Dope Wars including massive gun purchases. It seems to hold the same basic principles of drifting from city to city buying low and selling high. Not to mention avoiding the cops.

From a content standpoint I’m not sure how this really differs from the idea of Dope Wars, but I suppose I’ll grab my copy before Apple pulls it. For $0.99 it seems like a pretty good purchase.

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Booze Runner in the App Store.


App Description

Build your fortune in this clone of a classic 80s drug dealing game set in a world where prohibition never ended. Deal with police, muggers, loan sharks, and unexpected fluctuations in prices to make as much money as you can.
Booze Runner includes several features that it’s $0.99 competitors do not have:
– A rich graphical user interface frees you from the text-only menus and puts you in the middle of a city.
– A ‘Prices’ tab tells you what the going range of prices for a given drink are, making it much faster to familiarize yourself with the game.
– The ‘Prices’ tab also tells you how much you paid for a given drink and updates that number when circumstances affect your stock, making it much easier to gauge your profit level.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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