What’s with the iPad Smashing?

I’ve seen a couple of these videos so far of people destroying brand new iPads by scratching the hell out of the surface, pouring coffee all over it, stepping on it, dropping it face down on the pavement, to even smashing the damn thing with a baseball bat. And I have to ask myself, what the hell’s the point?

Is this some sort of edgy protest I just don’t understand?

Is this moronic demonstration supposed to show the iPad as being fragile?

Is this some sort of slight against Apple for subpar workmanship?

I mean seriously, would a netbook, Zune, or laptop actually fare any better if you dropped it onto the street or played baseball with it? I’m just not sure what the message is, except there are a lot of people out there with more money than brains.

I guess the message is lost on me.

Apple still made big bucks off the device even if you did smash it. They made money and you have a pile of plastic fragments to show for it.

I’m sure there are plenty of schools out there that could have benefitted from having an iPad rather than smashing it up for a dumbass YouTube video. But standing around beating an iPad doesn’t hold a candle to education.

And if you really have that kind of extra cash lying around, why don’t you donate it to some sort of earthquake relief fund. That would show The MAN!

Seriously Hipsters, what’s the message you’re trying to broadcast?

Should we expect similar Slate and Courier uprisings when those devices come out?

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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