When will Adobe get off their ass and give us 64-bit Flash?

You know we’ll never be able to have 64-bit browsers until Flash goes 64-bit, so Adobe needs to get on the ball and stop holding us all back. Everyone is finally ditching IE6, so it’s time to get Flash updated too. Although just removing Flash altogether and converting everything to HTML 5 would be fine with me too. Seems Adobe has some work to do before their relevance begins to wane just like Microsoft’s.

Apple overtakes Microsoft to become the world’s most valuable tech firm

It almost makes you stop and think that Microsoft isn’t nearly as relevant as they think they are. And to think, a decade ago Microsoft handed over a couple hundred million to Apple to keep them going amidst all the anti-trust and monopoly suits MS had against them. Back then, many people, including myself thought Apple was on the way out. My how times have changed! As it stands right now Apple is valued at nearly $227 billion compared to Microsoft’s $223 billion. In the past five years alone Apple’s stock has risen nearly 560% whilst Microsoft’s has risen a mere 4%. Apple overtakes Microsoft to become the world’s most valuable tech firm

Big Sale on EA games

Looks like Electronic Arts is having a sale with multiple games going on sale. There’s been a price drop for: Need for Speed Shift The Sims 3 Monopoly Battleship Trivial Pursuit Scrabble SimCity The Game of Life Not a bad deal for this long upcoming weekend Electronic Arts in the App Store

Where are all the Mac games?

With so many really good and popular games for the iPod and iPhone how come the game market for the actual Mac is so abysmal? Clearly decent games can be written and it appears there’s certainly a market for them, so where are they?

Microsoft sells off one of its Expression products

I actually find this pretty disappointing since Expression Media was originally iView Media Pro which Microsoft bought just a few years back. Of course the big concern was what MS would do with the product once they had it. Ironically, a lot of people (myself included) felt MS would do more harm to the app than good. Arguably, that’s exactly what’s happened. Hopefully it will have a good home now. Microsoft has sold its Expression Media digital-asset-management application to digital-photography vendor Phase One for an undisclosed amount. Starting May 25, Phase One is handling customer support and future development for Expression Media. Microsoft will continue to offer support for Expression Media retail customers for the next 90 days, officials said. Another thing that’s unusual is that Microsoft is still stating they’re making competitor products to Adobe’s photography offerings. Quite some time ago they touted there would be a Photoshop equivalent, which of course never materialized. Now, Microsoft is claiming they […]