Time to buy a new UPS

My APC 900 XS has finally capped out on me. Actually, it gave up the ghost a few weeks ago when it started beeping incessantly that the battery needed to be replaced. I bought a cheap replacement and today I finally remember to get all the parts numbers so I could order the right battery.

I think I got a pretty good deal. I ordered a new battery from Buy.com for $65 and free shipping. The UPS costs well over $150 so that’s a good price on a new battery and the $10-15 I’ll save in shipping is a nice touch too.

APC is supposed to send me a return sticker so I can actually send the battery back to them to dispose of rather than me covertly throwing it in the trash or tossing it down the storm sewer. There’s a recycling center right down the road from me so it’s not that big a deal, but that’s a great service if they actually offer it.

If you need a replacement battery, Buy.com seems to have some good deals. I think Amazon is running the same deal since they’re linked together these days. With these crazy summer storms you can never be too careful.

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