200,000 Android’s a day?

That’s got to have Apple worried. I knew the Droid was going to be pretty big, but 200,000 units activated a day is HUGE! I bet Apple didn’t expect that either. Who knows, maybe they did. That Steve Jobs kid is pretty wiley.

I was talking with a buddy yesterday (who owns a Droid only because MS hasn’t come out with their device yet) and he was very excited about the sales numbers but doesn’t think it compares to what Microsoft will be doing by Christmas time. I have to completely disagree. I do think this does change things for MS who is now just as much competing against the Droid as they are against Apple and the iPhone and the iPad. I will concede that it’s possible for MS to sell 200,000 units between now and Christmas, but I really don’t see them selling and activating 200,000 units *A DAY*. Seriously, I just don’t see that. I still think Microsoft is stuck in a bad place of not having quite the right OS or quite the right app store to make that kind of inroad into the mobile market.

Some of the features sound interesting, but once again, we are still a few months away from a Microsoft offering actually being on the shelves. And both Apple and Google now have millions of users in their stable. Those people won’t be trading in anytime soon. Are there really that many MS hold outs that are going without a device in anticipation of the Windows Phone Series 7? (By the way, I hate that damn name!) I think not.

I think we’ll see some interesting sales, (can’t be worse than the Kin, right?) but I have no idea what kind of reception this thing will get. Google and Apple are so far out in front there just aren’t that many customers left for them to grab. Years ago you could almost count on Microsoft making up this kind of gap in relatively short order. But that was a different time and different MS. This is an MS that makes more mistakes than headway. They have a long road ahead and a bad track record in this arena.

Can Microsoft hit 200,000 activations a day?

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