Why in the hell are Double Layer DVDs so expensive?

I have hundreds of gigs to back up, so I’m going to burn them to DVD. I figured using the double layer DVDs is the best way to except that they cost a damn fortune still! Why hasn’t the price come down? I can buy 50 DVD+R discs for $20. Or I can buy 20 DVD+DL discs for $30. What kind of pricing is this? A regular DVD is just under 50 cents but a dual layer is still well over a dollar.

You can say that that it all evens out in the end since you have to use twice as many regular discs, but I would argue that DL discs should be the same 50 cents since they’ve been around so damn long. And, they’re over a $1 when they’re on sale! DVDs are less than 50 cents all the time. Most of the time they’re still well over $2 a piece. I suppose that is still a pretty cheap per gig cost, but damn, I need a few dozen of these discs, this kind of pricing is complete crap.

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