Um, is that hail?

This is the South that sort of nonsense doesn’t happen down here.

Holy crap, that’s not hail, those are golf balls falling from the sky!

First they were the size of rice grains, then a minute later they were the size of peas and then a minute after that they hit the size of marbles. Now they are the size of golf balls and making one hell of a racket as they smash into our cars! I just risked life and limb as well as my excellent coiffed hair to cover the cars with blankets and comforters to try an minimize the damage and keep the windows from shattering. I can already see they have dents in them. Dammit this sucks!

How can it be upper 60’s in the morning and then hail in the later afternoon. What the hell is going around here?

Maybe I should've written that in a different font.

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