Farming in Minecraft

I tried my hand at farming in Minecraft. That went well. I worked the land and got seeds. I then sowed those seeds and they brought forth wheat. The wheat then brought forth bread, which happens to look more like a potato than anything else, but I was able to make food! I won’t die from starvation! I’ll leave the dying up to the ladders, the lava, the spiders and the angry pickles that seem to lurk around every corner.

From my secret Minecraft talks with Don over lunch I learned that a bucket of lava can be used to power the furnace. Yes, I could have learned that from but that’s not the point. With my mighty lava machine I made iron pants! I ruined the last pair the lads made for me since I have a tendency to fall down a lot and a things have a habit of jumping out of the dark shadows and roughing me up. My pants seem to take the brunt of the blow. But now I have new ones and they’re shiny!

Now that I’ve found the ultimate power source I should turn some sand into glass and cover my precious what field! I need to keep those damn vermin away from my crops! I don’t want my bread tasting like Creeper poo!

This space for rent.

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