And then there was a greenhouse

I built a greenhouse. Well, a quasi greenhouse. My wheat is covered and protected from the snow. It even has a set of doors so I can get in but the animals should stay out. And with that my resource hording is going quite well. I have a chest full of vittles. I now have many pork chops in my stable as well as bread loaves. I’m starting to get enough food that I might need to move on to the next chest.

I will have to make some new armor soon (again). I shot down three Creepers with a bow and arrow but one of them got too close in the dark and blew a massive hole in the ground. The little bastard nearly downed me! Good news is I found another water source for growing wheat. It’s already several blocks down so I just need to cover it with glass, add a set of steps and put in a door. It’s like This Old Shanty!

You know what I find strange? The uncanny resemblance between the graphics in Minecraft and the graphics in the iD Software remake of Castle Wolfenstein 3D. Is it me or do they share the same blocky features and textures. If you run like mad along a cobblestone wall I swear it looks like Wolfenstein. As I was running for my life to get away from a Creeper that idea popped into my head. Funny how your digital past flashes before your eyes when you’re scared shitless.

If you’ve come as an elf, see it through as an elf.

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