Day Two in the new tech world

It’s day two of the new job and I’m no more confident in my abilities than was yesterday. The amount I need to learn is just overwhelming. I used to think we supported a lot when I was at Microsoft. That’s nothing compared to this. It goes way beyond Exchange and includes OCS, SQL, Backups, Restores, Blackberry, ActiveSync, Drive Space issues and who knows what else results from the events a server generates. I haven’t worked with any of this technology and it scares the hell out of me. Just trying to remember all the Windows domain and forest terminology is hard enough, but when you pile on the rest it’s almost too much to comprehend. Once I get on top of things I will feel better, but there’s such a long road to go.

Anybody got a sick bag? I’m feeling a little dizzy here.

This space for rent.

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