Camera+ for iPad

Sure, there’s a built in camera app for the iPad, but you have to admit, it doesn’t do a whole lot. Once you take the picture, what can you do with it? What if you want to crop it? What if you wanted to enhance it or rotate it?

You can try iPhoto, which I haven’t, but not only is it $4.99 with no “trial” version, Apple isn’t exactly known for belting out the updates. They toss an app out there and then as the next version of the iOS come along, they bring out an update.

But I did find an interesting app yesterday, Camera+ for iPad. It brings up a grid (rule of thirds) so you can map out how the picture is broken up, there is a level, you can crop, you can make adjustments, rotate, see the ISO equivalent, add FX, use an image stabilizer and use a burst mode. I mean, there is a slew of stuff they hook into. And for right now, the app is only $0.99. That’s not too shabby for an app that unlocks dozens of new features for iPad.

Right off the bat, I like that I can crop images, get a level and see the picture mapped out in a grid. If you want to start messing around with taking photos on the iPad, this might be an app to invest a whole dollar into.


Camera+ for iPad

Maybe I should've written that in a different font.

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