128GB iPad coming February 5th

A 128GB iPad is long overdue. I’m surprised it’s taken this long. I figured we would have seen a 128GB iPod a year ago. But better late than never I suppose. With the size of games increasing at an alarming rate and the ease at copying movies over it’s about we get here. And let’s not forget, the Surface will have a 128GB model on Feb 9. Interesting timing isn’t it?

Out of 64GB, Surface lets you use 23GB

Out of the 64GB storage space available in the Surface only 23GB will be available for use. The OS, Recovery Partition and installed apps will steal 41GB of space. Holy hell, this thing is supposed to be optimized for tablets? This is the stripped down version of Windows 8? My ass!! The Pro version is just as bad, with 45GB going to the OS and apps. This is worse than a pre-configured PC. What part of a 40+GB OS is portable? Microsoft’s 64GB Surface Pro will only have 23GB usable storage

AirDisk Pro turns your iPad into a Wireless Flash Drive

I’ve written about AirDisk Pro before, but I find myself using it more and more so I thought it was worth revisiting. One of the complaints/wishes of the iPad or iPhone is the ability to use it like a flash drive. You have 32 or 64Gb just sitting and wouldn’t it be great if you could user that space to store files. Previously, you needed iTunes and a USB sync cable to pull off that little bit of magic, but apps like AirDisk make all that obsolete. You connect to AirDisk using a browser, then drag and drop the files you want. There is no need to select the files one and at time and wait until they’re done. Grab a list and they will all be transferred over. This is perfect for grabbing PDF files or Doc files from work. It’s also hellishly convenient when you need to grab training materials or the latest update to one of the […]

Disable the Quicken 2012 Registration Prompt

It’s coming to that time of year where Quicken is going to need an update to keep running for the new year. You’ll just make it through the tax season and that’s it. Once you do upgrade you’ll be faced with that same annoying prompt that you have to register in order to actually use the software. Look, don’t force me to register. If I want to sign up to receive notices from you, that’s my decision, but don’t force it on me and stop the software from working because of it. As before, until you register you can’t retrieve data from your bank. But there is a simple way around it. Like before, hold down the CTRL-SHIFT and click the REFRSH button in the upper left of the screen just under the menu bar. This will disable the registration prompt and Quicken will work as expected. How ironic that it’s almost one year to the day since I did […]

This Metal Box Event is nothing but Frustration – Crime City

With just over a day left this latest event has been an exercise in frustration. It should be renamed to Better Luck Next Time because that’s the only thing I’ve seen for the past two days. After opening at least 12-15 boxes a day I’ve just made it to number 10. I don’t think there is any way in hell to get the next 10 before this event goes away. And what bugs me is that there are some good items to have in this one. Of course there is, but you need gold to get them! That explains the 20% off sale on gold. 🙂 It wouldn’t be so bad if I at least got something every now and then, but this 10 in a row of Better Luck Next Time is depressing. The clock is ticking so we’ll see how this plays out. I’ve read about people spending 800-1000 gold to get all 20 metal boxes. Umm, that’s […]