Epic Boss Event – Bean Town Mike – Crime City

Another event is underway, this time it’s Bean Town Mike. Will his luck of the Irish hold? Can you win Mike’s Old Timer Roadster? This new event will run for a massive 7 days. That should provide plenty of time to do minimum damage, get defeated by the end of the 2nd day so I can stew and scheme about which weapons I could buy for millions of dollars just to get one more victory.

I’ve made my way through Level 6, which is nothing to get cocky about mind you, but I’ve only managed to grab the Bottle Shank and the Irish Pride Trunks. I did get 1 Bean Town Basher so not a total loss. A couple more of those and I’d be pretty damn happy.

I have no doubt I’ll be at the end of my fighting limits by the end of tomorrow, but let’s see how this plays out.



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