The Largest MousePad in the World?

My new machine is Uber Powerful and thus needs a spectacular mousepad to complement it’s mightiness. I may have over-reached.

This is quite possibly the largest mousepad I’ve ever seen. It measures a colossal 17.5 Inches x 13.5 Inches and is actually pretty damn sweet! There is no way you’re going to drop off the mouse area! And it’s less than $10 bucks!

It’s the standard neoprene bottom, is about as thick as a quarter, has a fabric top and from the look of it seems to be a quality item. No idea if it will curl at the ends and come apart within two days, but for now, this thing is awesome! In fact, I think I might have to get another one of these!


HandStands Extra Large Super Mouse Pad, Grey

Handcrafted with care just for you.

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