Halfway point in Construction Box Event

It’s taken forever, but #10 just popped up. That is probably the end of this event. It took 3 days to get this far and less than 2 days left. I don’t believe I have enough luck to pry 5 more Spindles out of Gree in the time left. Not a very impressive run overall.

ZOMG!! 8 Core Tablet from Samsung?

This is so completely over the top for a tablet that it makes my head spin. An 8 core tablet? What the hell is the point? But the bigger question is, how much will it cost and how long will the battery last? It didn’t take long to get to multiple cores just like we have in desktop machines did it? But seriously, what are you going to do with all that computing power? I know this is the future of tablet, more power, more memory, I’m just wondering what kind of apps this will let you run and what kind of future apps and games this will spawn developers to create. You can certainly make some wickedly cool games, far beyond the "casual" genre that’s for sure. And if games are the mainstay for this kind of device, does this spell trouble for Consoles? If you have the same, if not more, power in the palm of your hand […]

SurvivalCraft? Now this looks interesting

This just popped up over the weekend and is rising quickly in the Top 200 of iTunes. SurvivalCraft is a port from Windows 7 Phone and appears to be a pretty damn impressive Minecraft clone. Now the question is, why not just buy Minecraft? I’m a big fan of Minecraft, but the Pocket Edition comes across as lacking. There are so many things missing, such as the type of rocks you can place. I know Notch and the Mojang team are working like mad to make the experience the same on the PC and Mobile space, but they seem to have too many hands in too many pies. I’ve tried other clones and there is always something wrong. Either the movement is too difficult or frustrating or the actual experience is lacking. Most of them look the same so it’s not the graphics, you’re just limited on what you can do. The YouTube videos on SurvivalCraft look quite compelling. One […]

Construction Box Event with Copper Spindles – Crime City

The next and final event before the Battle for Empire City kicks off again has just started. It’s the Construction Box Event with Copper Spindles. This is a 5, 10, 15, 20 event with some decent prizes. It seems like this should have the Über gun or car rather than the 10 item events, but what do I know? I’m getting a little burned out on the endless events. I’m all for getting bigger and better weapons, but this feels like an endless quest to spend gold. The events don’t even seem winnable anymore. I’ve spent all the money on this game I plan to, and yes I’ve bought gold with real cash. I think the devs have made a great game and deserve support, but this standing around with your hand out mentality is driving me nuts. If I could actually earn gold in the game I wouldn’t care about it. But anyway, here are the new items so […]

The new Ubuntu 13.04 available for download

You know, I like Ubuntu, but I don’t use it nearly enough. Over the years it’s grown to be a very sophisticated operating system that can handle most of today’s hardware. Unfortunately, the app support isn’t want it should be for it to take over the desktop. It’s a great OS for the usual tasks of email, web browsing, writing and 99% of what we do on a day to day basis, but for me it falls short when it comes to photography and graphics apps. And sadly there aren’t nearly enough games for it. You can always install Window 7 in VirtualBox or VMWare, but that defeats the purpose. I’m sure the tide the changing since Steam is putting it’s weight behind the Unix platform. Ubuntu 13.04 looks smooth and sweet. I just downloaded my copy and will install into Virtualbox in just a few minutes. The new features look pretty cool. It might try and install it into […]