Crime City throws out yet another event with the Dynasty Case Event featuring the Twin Swords

It’s a trifecta of events going on at the same time. Gree has unleashed another event, the Dynasty Case Event to find Twin Swords so you can turn them in for fabulous cash and prizes. This is a 10 item event with the main prize of an Imperial Mark 23 with 1588A and 1300D. The Pagoda Pandamonium event is still well underway (I’m late to the game and have a Level 3 upgrade going) and the Crime City Hit Lists Event is dropping weapons left and right (I’ve made it to Level 23 so far). If that wasn’t enough ways to make you spend gold and lay down some PvP action, you have a third way of making it happen.

This is a shorter event so good luck to one and all!

The power weapons are just raining down aren’t they?


Thanks for reading you majestic sausage.

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