Norton Internet Security 2013–$19.27 from Amazon. Instant Download or Free Shipping

It’s already the middle of the year so it may be time to upgrade your Anti Virus protection. I just renewed mine for the year so I’m already looking to next year. When it comes to Symantec, it’s not the software version that’s important, it’s the key. With that in mind, here’s a copy of Norton Internet Security (NIS) 2013 3PC edition for $19.27. Since it normally lists in the $80 range, that’s 70% for a yearly subscription. What I end up doing is buying these ahead of time when the price drops, then add the new key when the time to renew comes. Norton makes it very easy to change the subscription to a new key.

I’ve been running NIS for the past 3 years and have been extremely happy with it. Symantec has done a great job of minimizing the system resources it uses. And the protection seems extremely good. If you look at the reviews from Maximum PC, they’ve given it the thumbs up for the past few years too.

This is a good price for NIS 2013. In fact, this is almost a Black Friday kind of price. If you need the software now, it’s available as PC Download, or you can have it shipped so you have the key. I’m going for the shipping option so I can have the key until I need it.

Norton Internet Security 2013 – 1 User / 3 PC [Download]


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