Hyman Schwartz–Epic Boss Event–Crime City

This finally came up for me – after multiple restarts, the Hyman Schwartz Epic Boss Event. It’s a multi-tiered event with a new prize at Level 20. I made it to there last time and said that was enough. Not worth the time investment to go any further and certainly not worth any gold. It’s not a bad event and I long for the day I make it all the way to Level 50. Oh, if such a thing were possible without spending gold. We also have the “Girl’s Best Friend” Limited Time Building which I have listed below. It’s going to be a busy weekend. West Side Fine Gems–Limited Time Building–Crime City

A hint at the Ballmer Legacy

In January 2000, Ballmer became CEO. On August 22, 2000, Microsoft’s stock closed at $35.62. On August 22, 2013, it closed at $32.39. If you look at Gates’ last days in 2000, when the stock was around $55 a share, it’s decline is even worse. For over a decade Microsoft has largely declined in real value. Its rivals? Apple’s currently at $501.42 and Google’s at a mind-bending $871.29 a share. 5 Reasons why Ballmer needed to go Led by legendary CEO Steve Jobs, the company’s market cap value has gone from $4.8 billion back in the year 2000 to $312.6 billion today, an increase of about 6,413 percent in the past 11 years. Apple’s Amazing Growth

Call of Juarez – Nuggets of Truth

I took a break from Crime City and got back to some gunslinging with Call of Juarez. The goal? Finish off and find all the Nuggets of Truth. With the help of YouTube I found a video that gave me all the locations. I followed along just so I could read them all and get the history. That was pretty cool. I have to say, this is still a damn cool game. The graphics are just fine, the story is amusing and there is plenty of "world" to explore and shoot up. I tell ya, there is a hell of a lot of fun to be had setting up the perfect shot with a barrel full of gun powder. Or lining up the perfect head shot with the shotgun or rifle. Quite a bit of time was spent on the splatter effects. If you haven’t checked it out, this is good, cheap fun that you can jump into any time. […]

West Side Fine Gems–Limited Time Building–Crime City

There is a new Limited Time Building at hand, the West Side Fine Gems. The initial cost is $92 million and goes up pretty severely from there. Of course, people complain about this because the cost is too damn high. All I have to say is, if you’re bitching about the building it’s because you can’t afford it. And you probably can’t afford it because you’re a camper who spends all your time lurking and robbing other people. For those of us who’ve been playing long enough, these are welcome additions. I’ve purchased almost all of them – the Dockside Mill being the exception. There is already a ton for new players to get and work with. These are for the rest of us. And hell, I’m not even that high level of a player. But you can’t just waltz in off the street and expect to get everything handed to you. Work at it. Quit bitching. West Side Fine […]

The Real Deal LTQ Jobs and Rewards List

The new event is out and BigMoney has been quick to provide a complete list of items and their values. Check out the rewards for The Real Deal LTQ listed below. You can also see a complete breakdown of each job and the energy needed to complete it. I’ve got several of these pre-hit so I might be able to make a decent showing of this one. One thing I have noticed, not every other level is a new weapon. You’re expending a lot of energy just to get some Respect Points and cash. Not sure I find this new method as good as the old way. I guess it’s a way to mix things up a bit since the weapons are flying out of the woodwork these days. NORMAL MODE TOTALS: 51,666 Energy 13,885 job XP 5851 atk / 5051 def raw stats Normal Mode: 1. 26xp, Takeover Bat (125/93) [melee] 2. 39xp, $4600 3. 52xp, Bullet Belt Pants […]