M2 for 2024, maybe 2026

There’s already rumor and speculation on M2 and how they will be used in the next refresh. While M2 is on the way, it won’t be until 2024, maybe 2026. Apple will finish 2022 with the current M1 chips, and one for the Mac Pro. Apple will spend 2023 updating the design, screen, bezels, and port layouts, getting the machine ready for the next generation of silicon. In 2024, the M2 chips could start to appear, but across the board? An M2 chip in the MacBook Air? Is that reasonable or even necessary? Can that be done and still keep it finless? It’s possible, but… Apple could slide their offerings to the left with each model getting the next tier up due to the previous year redesign. M1 Pro in an Air seems disable. However… Using their current production and inventory, and to keep costs down, Apple could leave M2 until 2026, yet weave together two of the current M1 […]

🖥️ What happens to the Intel Mac Pro?

With the Mac Studio now at hand, and power to match the Mac Pro, what is the fate of the Intel Mac Pro? The 2019 Mac Pro is a beautiful and almost perfect machine. It’s wickedly powerful and expandable. It takes a huge amount of ram. The Radeon cards have been upgraded and are wonderfully powerful. Apple has done a decent job of keeping it updated. It needs little improvement, except for that Intel processor…? Will it be retired out?Will it be refreshed with a minor Intel upgrade?Will it be refreshed with a more powerful Intel processor?Could it be replaced with a chip from AMD? Threadripper?Could it be replaced with a non-M1 (MP1) chip from Apple that accesses external ram and video? Intel could redeem themselves for those idiotic Intel vs Apple commercials. Those were embarrassing and insulting. Can Intel deliver a 40 core processor or even a 64 core processor that won’t cost $20k? Could they slip in something […]

🌏 The Subject Specific Browser with Waterfox

The idea of the Site Specific Browser, led me to the idea of the Subject Specific Browser. Instead of using a tool to reconfigure a browser, why not just install another instance, rename it, then configure it for the sites I want? For example, when working with automation and Katalon Studio, why not have a browser that always loads Stackoverflow, the Katalon forums, Tutorialspoint, and any other Groovy/Java or automation specific sites? This creates a more focused and consistent experience so the browser loads the sites you need to work with. You avoid sifting through tabs or closing the wrong one and create a browser for automation, or C# Programming, or Udemy courses. You won’t get distracted by a previous session in Amazon, YouTube, or the latest review of the Mac Studio You can also gain some privacy. Since companies pillage your browsing history for shopping habits, why not make a browser specific for YouTube or Amazon? Harder to track […]

🌎 A Site Specific Browser with Coherence X and Unite. But Why?

A site specific browser takes a website and dresses up the browser so it looks like an application. This can be for sites that don’t have a native app or you always want the window on top. As an example, always display a Kanban board or float a Netflix window above everything else. It’s also a handy way to keep a website in a siloed workspace. There are several tools to help make a new browser application such as Fluid, Webcatalog, Flotato, Coherence and Unite. In each case, you specify the name of the “app,” the home URL, and app icon. A few seconds later you have a browser dedicated to that site. It’s a neat concept, except some of these tools are ridiculously expensive. For example, Coherence X and Unite are just shy of $30 a piece. Further, you need a separate license for each machine you use the browser on. By comparison, Keyboard Maestro, which has almost unlimited […]

⌘ Filling in forms with Keyboard Maestro

I’ve run into this situation multiple times, in working with a website, for some reason I can’t understand, they don’t allow information to be pasted into a field. It needs to be typed and tools like RoboForm and StickyPassword are thwarted. It seems to deliberately block them, which makes no sense, because form filling tools provide far more accuracy and consistency than typing by hand. To get around this inconvenience, I’ve employed the help of Keyboard Maestro. Using the Insert Text by Typing, it’s now possible to paste text consistently and not be victim of “fat-fingering” an important piece of information. There is another function I have found to be beneficial to add, the Pause Until Conditions are Met action. Couple this with The Left Mouse Button is Pressed. This allows me to click into the field, then the text is typed. This can set to run with a hotkey button or by bringing up the Keyboard Maestro, Trigger Macro […]