💰The Price of the Mac Studio

It’s no secret the price of a fully loaded Mac Studio with M1 Ultra, 128GB ram, 64 GPU cores, and 8TB drive is over $8000. And many scoff at that saying it’s either a waste of money, or they could build a far better Intel based system for less. Doubtful, but a $6000 Mac and a $6000 “Windows machine” aren’t the same. 98% of the time a $6000 Windows machine is used for gaming. Yes, it can do other things, but that’s not it’s primary function. It’s a machine built to get every last ounce of performance for frames per second in a first person shooter, FPS in an FPS. Plus, it will be a tower of a machine, with RGB for days, water cooling, and a lifetime of maintenance. Not to mention sucking down power and heating up the room. That’s neat, but in my world, not very practical. 98% of the time, a $6000 Mac is used to […]

🖥️ Is the iMac Dead? Doubtful

In fact, we probably just got a preview of what the next iMac will look like – the Studio Display. If you take a step back, the Studio Display is an iMac. It has the thicker case, 27 inch size, speakers, camera and processor already inside. It even has processors, albeit not an M1 model. However, that’s an iMac Studio. It’s entirely possible the XDR variant wasn’t ready in quantity for a 30/32 inch model. Apple had a solid monitor with some nice trimmings, so offered it up as a compliment to the Studio line. Apple now has time to refine the display for a larger chassis. It would also make for a stunning progression throughout the year – an Apple Silicon Mac Pro, an Apple Silicon 30 inch iMac, and a refreshed Intel Mac Pro. Not to mention another jump in the iPad Pro and iOS 16, making it more macOS like. The timing is debatable, but:The iMac Studio […]

💻 Apple finally releases a new Mac

And there it is. After decades of waiting we finally get a new Mac. The Mac Studio is a desktop machine that fits between the Mac mini, which is a good machine, but has always felt lightweight, and the Mac Pro, which is also great, but comes with a shocking price tag to get the specs you want, and had that unfortunate 6 year gap between upgrades. The Mac Studio fits the bill for a desktop machine with plenty of power with room to grow. The first comment will be about the price, it’s too expensive. I disagree. With two variants, the M1 Max version is a great step up from the Mac mini. The M1 Ultra is the right fit for those of us who want to upgrade from the 2010/2012 Mac Pro. Both machines are ready for today’s tasks and for what the future holds. Further, a “loaded” Mac Studio is a machine that will still be useful […]