⌘ Getting started with Keyboard Maestro – Positioning windows

Another easy macro to get started with is positioning windows. Since I have multiple monitors, two in landscape, two in portrait, I have a specific layout for my apps. For example, I want TextSoap, at a specific size, and specific position on my first vertical monitor. Instead of me having to move and resize the window, I can have Keyboard Maestro do it. In fact, we’ve looked at this macro before, but it’s worth revisiting as we work toward making workspaces. We’re going to us Keyboard Maestro to help find the size and position of the windows once we have the correct layout. The first step is to arrange windows in the desired location and at the correct size. For me, this would be positioning TextSoap, where I want it on the vertical monitor. That done, it’s time to create a simple macro to record the window locations so they can be used in another macro. Keyboard Maestro has built-in […]

⌘ Getting started with Keyboard Maestro – Launching apps on a schedule

Another simple Keyboard Maestro macro I use to keep myself on a schedule, is to close Microsoft Teams at the end of the day, and reopen it first thing in the morning. This might not sound like much, but it helps to keep a consistent work schedule since I work remotely. I don’t want to be “available” at 9pm just because Teams is open. Nor do I want to forget to restart it in the morning. The Close macro is triggered at a specific time of day, in this case, 5:20pm.The Action is simply to close down Microsoft Teams. The Launch macro uses the At System Wake trigger, which means, when I wake up my Mac and log in. The Action is to first pause for 30 seconds to give the machine a chance to truly wake up, and establish a network connection. It then launches Teams. Again, a very simple macro, but this makes sure that I log off […]