🖥️ Say hello to my brand new Mac Pro… from 2013

So, here it is! After several blunders from FedEx, I’ve taken possession of, and set up my brand new, old Mac Pro from 2013! It’s a beefy machine with 12 cores, 128GB ram, 4TB NVMe drive, and the dual D700 video cards. It came in at just north of $1000, which I think is a fantastic deal for a machine that will still be going strong several years from now. Yes, a new machine from 2013. I can hear the questions and complaints now: Why buy a machine from 2013? A machine that already can’t update to the latest OS. Why buy an Intel machine instead of an M series machine? What the hell are you going to do with it? Let’s start at the beginning. The Mac Pro is a workstation, it’s built to last and tackle heavy load tasks. It’s not the machine you buy for checking mail, web browsing, and writing the occasional recipe. It’s meant to […]

📬 Where did all the spam go? SpamSieve – Great Success

I’m not sure what’s happened, but the number of incoming spam message has dropped to almost nothing, and it has nothing to SpamSieve. Once I got my original configuration snafu sorted out, with unnecessary rules deleted, SpamSieve was trashing 40+ spam messages a day. There were a couple of false positives, but that’s expected. Then all of a sudden the spam messages stopped. Literally overnight it dropped to 6 messages a day. Do I still exist? For spring cleaning, I removed myself from a slew of newsletters. There we large lists like Target and smaller ones like Udemy. If a message came in and had Unsubscribe, I clicked it. The only ones I’ve kept are Steam, Amazon, along with a very select few. Was it that? Was it all the newsletters? Did I finally manage to get myself on the right list, or conversely off the wrong list? Did I make it into the Do Not Spam category? Or were […]

🎮 I miss the days when you could buy an iPad game

I remember when the iPad was new, and you could go to the App Store, buy a quality game and play it for hours, even days, without interruption. Sure, some were classic remakes like Monopoly, or Yahtzee, but let’s not forget the more advanced titles like Need for Speed or Real Racing. For the time, they were impressive, and you could get lost in them for days. They weren’t 8-bit pixel art. They had plenty of replay value where, once you finished with one car, you could start over and do it all again behind the wheel of something different. It was portable gaming where you didn’t need an Internet connection. Now, you can’t play a game for 10 minutes without some damn prompt about buying gems or coins. Or that you can watch an ad to get coins. Or download another game to earn some credit. Every game in the store shows “In-App Purchases” next to the title and […]

🗑 When will SpamSieve start working?

In my battle against the hundreds of spam messages I’m getting, I’ve installed SpamSieve, because the reviews say you train it to block all types of spam. After flagging over 500 messages as spam, SpamSieve has blocked exactly zero (0). Even though it has 730+ blocklist rules, and filtered over 73k words, not a single message has been flagged as spam. It clearly isn’t doing shit. There are two problems, there was a misconfiguration on my part, and the rules are overly specific. In looking at the Blocklist, I see why there are over 700 entries. The rules are set to use is equal to for way too many fields. Take the use of address: That’s a useless set of rules. Obviously the From field will never be the same thing twice. That problem persists for other fields, for example there are dozens of rules where the subject is equal to followed by a load of gibberish. Loɯe’s Reɯαrds”” “”,9225018 […]

🧹 Massive spring cleaning and digital detox

It’s time for spring cleaning and I’m engaged in epic battles against several of my digital nemeses – old/unused apps, unwatched channel subscriptions, duplicate files, and all those damn scam messages that keep showing up in my Inbox. Looks like my email address has been sold for $1. First order of business in getting away from digital distractions is to ditch digital “communities.” This is a two pronged attack against YouTube and Discord. I started with a handful, but I’ve unsubscribed from all but 3 YouTube channels. There is a lot to choose from, maybe too much, but despite the click bait titles from content creators, I’m not watching their videos. After skipping over them for a couple months, the best course of action is to unsubscribe and focus on channels I will watch. The second course of action was to leave all the Discord servers and delete the client. Discord is cool and I used it to look in […]