A quick look at notepad calculators, natural language calculators

They go by a couple of different names, but “notepad calculator” or “natural language calculator” will usually do the trick. These are editor style calculators that understand standard calculations like 2+2, but also “20% of $100.” You can also create and assign variables to perform more complex calculations, similar to a spreadsheet, except without the bulk and bloat of a spreadsheet. The standard example is, rate=$10, hours=40, rate*hours. Other uses include: These types of apps are great for little calculations, but are also great for formulas when you don’t need or want to work with a spreadsheet. Soulver might the first one to come to mind, and was my introduction to this kind of calculator. I used Soulver 2 to emulate several website calculations and drop them into Jira which is more readable than copying and pasting spreadsheet cells, plus formulas isn’t ideal. Along with Soulver there are apps like Numi, AYBO, and PiPad. Soulver has also upgraded to v3, […]

Useful features of 4K Video Downloader+

In addition to using Downie for my YouTube downloads, I also use 4K Video Downloader+ which has a useful subscribe feature I like. I initially got 4K Video Downloader during a sale, which made the upgrade decision to the “+” version easier. However, I don’t believe it is worth the original $65 price tag, as it doesn’t have $65 worth of download power compared to the $25 combination of Downie and Permute. That’s $65 for a lifetime license, which I had before, and look how well that worked out for its predecessor. Lifetime licensees don’t mean what they used to mean. Neither does Perpetual. Like Downie, 4K Video Downloader+ can download audio and video from mainstream sites like YouTube, but 4K struggles when you leave those familiar waters and has a high rate of “unable to resolve links.” My main use case for 4K Downloader is the ability to subscribe to a YouTube channel and automatically download new content as […]