🍏 Disappointing Apple Event?

No surprise, the web is abuzz with reactions to the Apple event. Oddly, a lot of them are filled with disappointment. People are disappointed because there wasn’t enough “stuff.” The upgrades weren’t “big enough.” That makes me laugh. They’re disappointed not because there was something wrong with the event or the offerings. They’re disappointed because they listened to a bunch of “leakers” who hyped up expectations for products that never existed. People go into these events expecting the world because some “leaker” also known as someone who “guesses,” made a 3D render of something he thought was cool. Or made the claim, they knew a guy, who knew a guy, who overheard another guy talking about Apple. They have no insight into what’s going to be released. People feel cheated, not because Apple promised something and didn’t deliver. They feel cheated because they didn’t get a feature they can’t name and was never listed in the first place. So they […]

📕 Book Review – Jony Ive The Genius Behind Apples Greatest Products

More biographies. More Apple. Jony Ive, who’s been working inside Apple since the days of the Newton, has changed the way we view and work with computers and electronic devices. His new approach to the look, feel and interaction, has shifted us away from “beige boxes” to devices of gleaming white plastic, translucent materials, funky colors, aluminum, and who knows what’s next. His concepts of design language and aesthetic has influenced industries far beyond “tech.” Going from near obscurity in the “basement” design lab of Apple, Jony reached celebrity status. Apple has gone from bulky, uninteresting devices to what many consider works of art. Through this journey we see his process. A process open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. It worked in the past, but it can be done better for the future. Jony iterates over a design hundreds of times, making changes, re-evaluating, and going in different directions if need be. When starting, everything is […]

Speculation: Could the new Apple Silicon bring back the Mac Pro 2013?

This is pure speculation. A total hypothesis. A complete, "What if". But, what if the new Apple Silicon could bring back the Mac Pro 2013, or at least the form factor, as a bridge between the Mac mini and the Mac Pro 2019? Currently, there is no "Mac." There is an iMac, iMac Pro, Mac mini, and Mac Pro, but not a desktop machine called "Mac." Something that is more powerful than the Mac mini, but not the set your hair on fire specs of the Mac Pro. For example, a desktop machine that allows both memory and video card upgrades. The Mac Pro form factor would a good choice for it's design and use of space. So, what if Apple made some tweaks, revamped the video cards, offered a higher ceiling for the ram, upped the internal SSD and re-offered the 2013 model as a "Mac"? It could easily be an 8-12 core machine, like the final high end […]

MiniNote Pro for quick note taking

I already have a couple of note taking apps, Notebooks, Outline, but MiniNote Pro is a great scratchpad for those quick and dirty notes I don’t need to keep for very long, like the link to a site or a shell command I need to edit. It sits in the menubar and pops up with a click or with a keyboard command. From there I can add as many notes as I like or search through what I’ve written. If I want my notes available on another machine, there is a sync function. The options are simple, but that’s the beauty of it. MiniNote gives me a convenient place to store items until I decide what needs to be done with them. In most cases, they stick around for a few minutes and then I don’t need the anymore. But it’s extremely handy. MiniNote Pro on the App Store

An handy little windows organizer called Magnet

As I get my feet wet with the Mac, or rather, start to building a library of hand utilities, I came across a good one for organizing the app windows. When using DisplayFusion, there are hotkeys for snapping the window to a certain position. This is handy to putting two applications side by side or stacked on top of each other. The task will now be handled by a little app called Magnet that I found on sale for $0.99 in the App Store. It’s normally $9.99, which would still make it pretty handy for the price, but less than a dollar is amazing. I grabbed a copy, have it running and can already see the benefit. It comes preconfigured with hot keys to move a window to the left, right or center, as well as maximize, or set it 2/3 of the window. Pretty handy. Magnet window manager