DevUtils from BundleHunt is a solid purchase

One of the tools I picked up from BundleHunt is DevUtils, and it’s a solid purchase. I wasn’t aware of this tool before, but will certainly take advantage moving forward. DevUtils is a series of tools and formatters that can help in a variety of situations. For example, there is the Unix Time Converter, which can help with tools like JMeter. The log files are in Unix time. Next is the RegEx Tester. Even though there are online testers, it’s always good to have one that isn’t dependent on the Internet. Another good tool to have is the Text Diff Checker. I use this quite a bit when checking form text on a site. I paste the text from the site and the text from source and make sure they match. Saves huge amounts of time. I’ve been using DeltaWalker, also a BundleHunt item. Other checkers include, XML Beautify, JSON Formatter, HTML Preview, and Lorem Ipsum generator. The “lorem” tool […]

Time for another Bundlehunt sale!

The sales at are always worth checking out with quality software at heavy discounts. And today marks the start of a new sale. There are over 40 apps on offer, with these as some solid standouts. Textsniper Amberlight 2 Timemator Rocket Typist McPlanner MindMap These are useful apps regardless of the work you do. Further, Amberlight is ton of fun to work with. I use it regularly to make abstract wallpaper. Other apps of note are: Aftershot Pro Network Radar Eaglefiler MyDraw If you an interest in any of these, the "Unlock" price is only (2.5, down from the normal )5. It's a good time to pick up some new apps for the new year. Bundlehunt

Great deals at Bundlehunt

A new set of deals has appeared at Bundlehunt, and there are some great apps to choose from. I just picked up TaskPaper (which is listed on almost every site discussing productivity tools), Task Office, DeltaWalker, Mellel, iMeetingX, Flame Painter and Rebelle (which completes my collection of apps by Escape Motions) and FocusPlan Pro. Typinator would have made it into the basket if I didn’t already own TypeIt4Me. There are quite a few other apps to choose from and you can easily get $300 worth of quality software for $30. I would highly recommend having a look. TaskPaper and DeltaWalker have already been put to good use.

You really need to get TextSoap from Bundlehunt

I've already made a couple of comments about TextSoap, but if you haven't already picked up a copy from Bundlehunt, I strongly urge you to jump over there right now and grab it before it's gone. It's not just for text cleaning but can be used of parsing, formatting, searching, and copying. The uses for TextSoap are increasing day by day. In fact, it's solving formatting issues I didn't even know I had. To give a couple of examples, I write these blog articles in Scrivener, which is great. What's not great is that web formatting wants an extra line break between paragraphs. With TextSoap, adding those is now a click of the "2 Returns" button. The same is true for web links. Correcting those in a Markdown editor is a simple, but manual task. Now it's a click of the "HTML to Markdown" button. There's also the Extract Text from HTML Source which is a huge timesaver. Or the […]