Dell wants to be their own company again

There is talk that Microsoft plans to buyout Dell for the rather large sum of $20+ billion. A huge amount of cash no matter who you are. There’s no doubt PC sales have been down and that can be accounted for in a number of ways. Obviously, people would rather make their money go further, tablet sales are very high indeed, people are upgrading phones and unless you are a hardcore gamer or need massive power for photo/video editing, the computer you bought a couple years ago will still serve your needs. Do you really need a faster machine to browse the web or download email? I think consumers are pretty content with the machines they have. That has caused Dell, Intel, AMD and to see their sales dwindle over the past couple years. Right now tablets are hot and PCs are not. So what is a company to do? Well, get itself out of the public eye, away from […]

Damn! Bad week for MS, the Slate is dead too!

Looks like my idea of Microsoft cozying up to HP to work on the Slate isn’t going to happen. Microsoft has been kicked to the curb and with the acquisition of Palm, HP is more interested in making the webOS the powerhouse behind and future tablets. HP was very blunt on where it goes from here, saying it plans on "doubling down on webOS," meaning we could very well be looking at a webOS-based tablet in the near future. Do you get the feeling Microsoft has been left holding the bag here? They have a tablet OS nobody wants. The tablet market is going to keep growing and Microsoft is going to be on the outside looking in. Ouch! If Dell gives MS the snub and chooses Google for their tablets then Microsoft will be totally locked out of the market. Rumor: Hewlett-Packard Kills Microsoft Tablet Project (Slate) So how funny is this, on the day that Apple is releasing […]

Look what the stork dropped off

My new machine arrived on the doorstep last night and I wasted no time in hooking it up and checking it out. It was smaller than I thought, the Inspiron case is noticeably smaller than my previous Dimension case. But it was quite and fired right up. I zipped around inside Windows 7 for a couple of minutes, then promptly turned it off and dismantled it. I wasted no time in removing the original 640GB hard drive and replacing it with my own 1.5TB and 1.0TB drives. Additionally I stuff in two video cards, one PCIe and the other PCI. The case is an absolute pain to work with and you need to be careful you don’t slice your finger off on all the exposed edges of bare metal. Fact of the matter is, there’s tons of extra room inside the case for more drives, but the odd design doesn’t allow for more than two. I suppose I could just […]