More of the Need for Speed Series on Sale at Origin

If you don’t already have enough to play, you can grab copies of Need for Speed to play for the Easter Weekend. Origin, the online market for Electronic Arts has a sale on Need for Speed for $9.99. The games on sale are Need for Speed Most Wanted, Need for Speed The Run, Hot Pursuit, Shift, Shift 2 Unleashed. For $4.99 you can buy Undercover and Pro Street. If you have all that, check out the "Packs" which are on sale $4.99 or less. So if you’re looking get in some racing, Need for Speed is on sale and ready to download. More of the Need for Speed Series on Sale at Origin

Ultima Forever–Quest for the Avatar

There is a lot of renewed interest in Ultima these days. We’ve seen a couple of recreations of the classic games and now we have a brand new version coming to iOS devices, especially the iPad. I’ve been longing for Ultima to make an appearance ever since I bought my first iPad three years ago. It seemed the perfect platform, but alas, neither Electronic Arts nor Lord British was able to make it happen. Until now. The long wait is nearly over as Ultima Forever – Quest for the Avatar has been spotted in the Canadian App Store and hopefully that means a worldwide release is imminent. Normally I shy away from "free" games especially from studios like EA and Gameloft. Their Freemium games come riddled with bugs, are light on content and heavy on asking for handouts in the form of real money to progress through the game. I’d rather buy the game and put an end to all […]

There will be no Real Racing 3 for me

I’m sure Real Racing 3 is a great game with stunning graphics, but after reading all the material I’m going to skip this based on principle. It’s a good deal at $9.99 and a great deal at $4.99 and a steal at $0.99, but based on this pay for play system, the game isn’t worth it. Quite frankly the game comes across as a complete ripoff. This is the epitome of what’s wrong with gaming, what’s wrong with the App Store and what’s wrong with Electronic Arts. Greed rules with an iron fist it seems. Can’t we just go back to the days when developers simply charged for a game and we were all happy? Do we have to be nickeled and dime to death with every game they release? The $503 iOS Racing Game: The Expensive Reality of the IAP Economics in Real Racing 3

Need for Speed – Most Wanted or Hot Pursuit?

When it comes to gaming I prefer racing games. While First Person Shooters aren’t bad, they just aren’t my thing. That is as much to do with the fact that I suck at them and got mowed down within minutes of entering the arena more than anything else. Also, I still have a major affinity for the original Quake Arena and very little excites me like that did. That being said, I’m drawn to games like Need for Speed, Project Gotham, Gran Tourismo, Test Drive and Real Racing. Of course not all of those are PC, console or iPad games. So, I satisfy myself with the Need for Speed series. While I like the Real Racing series on the iPad, it’s simply too technical. Racing the track is fun, but I must prefer the aggressive Cops and Robbers style of Need for Speed. I’m a big fan of Hot Pursuit, I’m waiting for Undercover to be made into an iPad […]

I feel the need, The Need for Speed

Running over zombies has whet my appetite for some real racing, so it’s time to try out Need for Speed Most Wanted. It’s visually very appealing except for the fact that every track looks like its been soaked in the rain. Why is every road surface so shiny? It’s very distracting and causes a lot of glare. I know this is a remake, but it lacks some of the cool factor from the original. There’s not a whole lot of difference between this and Hot Pursuit. I prefer the “Jobs” you had to complete in the original and the way you had to keep avoiding the cops and finding hideouts. But hey, for $0.99, it’s a damn good game.