Microsoft sells a million Kinects in 10 days

Microsoft has sold a million units in just 10 days. That is pretty damn impressive. I had no idea that many people would actually be interested in this goofy device. Microsoft is still firmly convinced they will hit a worldwide target of 5 million units before Xmas. I guess when we look at it from a global scale they probably can hit that target. There are enough wild-eyed gamers out there willing to give it a try. The Kinect is probably one of Microsoft’s best product starts this year, but can they keep the magic going? Microsoft sells a million Kinects in10 days

5 million MS Kinect devices by Christmas?

I’ve seen this article and banter all over the place that Microsoft fully anticipates they will sell 5 million Kinect units for Christmas. Let’s just map this out. With roughly 50 days until Christmas, Microsoft expects to sell nearly 100,000 units every day. That is a pretty bold claim. First off I just don’t see that many Xbox users running out and buying this thing. As I’ve said before, it’s a kid’s toy and for the most part pretty damn useless. Neat technology, but seriously, it’s not that big a deal. I just don’t see MS hitting anywhere near those sales figure. But I also believe this is a pure numbers game. In a fantasy world Microsoft may sell 5 million units, but it’s not like that many people will actually have them in their homes on the day. I don’t see MS having that much stock just sitting at the ready in a warehouse. And if BestBuy takes a […]

This is just plain stupid

In a move of confidence, Microsoft’s Kudo Tsunoda expressed his opinion on Kinect sales saying that the webcam-style peripheral will "blow away" the iPad. Speaking in an interview with Gamasutra at the Tokyo Game Show, the Kinect spokesman stated that device is on track to sell millions of units this holiday season. Just so you know chuckles, you need to sell over 4 million units to catch up with the iPad, and add another 2 million onto that by the time we reach Christmas. First of all, 6 million people aren’t going to buy the Kinect device, I just don’t see that happening. Second, the Kinect doesn’t appeal to as broad an audience as the iPad. You don’t already have to own something in order to get benefit from the iPad. For the Kinect, you already need an Xbox 360. I really don’t see where Microsoft gets off making this comparison. They really have lost their minds. I think the […]

Will the Kin(ect) be a Hit?

Just saw another article where Microsoft is firmly stating that hard-core gamers are just going to eat this device up. In the same breath they’re also saying it’s for the younger/older/female/family audience. Whoa? Who the hell is this thing for? Isn’t this marketing scheme the exact same thing that killed the Kin? Microsoft claimed that device was for everyone and then it bombed within weeks (days really) of being launched. MS seems to have the same mentality about this thing. How can it possibly appeal to hard-core gamers, a 7 year old and grandma at the same time? That’s just stupid! If Microsoft doesn’t actually define and target an audience (with a slew of spectacular games) then this product will follow in the footsteps of the Kin. Hell, it shares half it’s name already…

Hardcore gamers will buy Kinect?

This article made me laugh. Microsoft firmly believes that their Kinect product will be rapidly adopted by the hardcore gaming market. Judging by the cute little tiger on the box in this article, that seems unlikely and ironic. Personally, I don’t see hardcore gamers adopting motion games at all. Kinect *may* find a small niche market with kids and families offering some amusing titles, but I really don’t see this product getting off the ground. I think the technology is quite brilliant but Microsoft has a habit of coming to the party late and not bringing any goodies. MS needs to have hundreds of titles on the shelves when this thing launches and I just don’t see that happening. If the gaming support isn’t there the device will fail. And speaking of games, what exactly is the hardcore gamer going to play? Will he or she jump around the living room with a faux shotgun in hand blasting zombies? I’m […]