🖥️ What happens to the Intel Mac Pro?

With the Mac Studio now at hand, and power to match the Mac Pro, what is the fate of the Intel Mac Pro? The 2019 Mac Pro is a beautiful and almost perfect machine. It’s wickedly powerful and expandable. It takes a huge amount of ram. The Radeon cards have been upgraded and are wonderfully powerful. Apple has done a decent job of keeping it updated. It needs little improvement, except for that Intel processor…? Will it be retired out?Will it be refreshed with a minor Intel upgrade?Will it be refreshed with a more powerful Intel processor?Could it be replaced with a chip from AMD? Threadripper?Could it be replaced with a non-M1 (MP1) chip from Apple that accesses external ram and video? Intel could redeem themselves for those idiotic Intel vs Apple commercials. Those were embarrassing and insulting. Can Intel deliver a 40 core processor or even a 64 core processor that won’t cost $20k? Could they slip in something […]

How and Why I Use 4 Monitors

I got my start with "multimon" back in the days of Windows 2000, perhaps a touch earlier. For certain I had two 19inch CRT monitors hooked up to my machine. I was so overwhelmed with how empowering this was. I could follow instructions on one monitor, then do them on the other. I could view web pages and watch a video. It was pretty amazing for it's time since it took two separate video cards to make the magic happen. Years later, I upgraded to a 3 monitor setup. By this time video cards were powerful enough to handle multiple displays from a single card. Now, with technology being what it is, I have 4 monitors connected to my Mac Pro using an RX 580 video card. Why? Primarily because I can. Four video outputs means four monitors. Using less would be wasteful. 🙂 Seriously, the 4 monitor setup is incredibly powerful and productive. Everything I need during the day […]

Why I haven’t upgraded to Apple Silicon … yet

Despite the moronic comments from people like Linus, I’m very excited about Apple Silicon. The performance gains look as good as Apple presented. These entry level machines are running circles around the previous generation and are taking on much higher class and higher priced machines. However, I’m still waiting for my upgrade to appear, and feel it’s just on the horizon. Despite the Mac mini looking like a great desktop machine, it doesn’t quite have enough of what I need to make it a worthy successor. Even though my Mac Pro is from 2010, it sports a lot of features I need in a new machine, like 4 internal hard drives for 24TB of storage (2x3TB, 2x8TB), 128GB of ram with 8GB set aside as a ram drive, 8GB dedicated video card powering 4 monitors, and of course multiple USB ports front and back. This is my development machine, so it runs a ton of web automation in the background. […]

Speculation: Could the new Apple Silicon bring back the Mac Pro 2013?

This is pure speculation. A total hypothesis. A complete, "What if". But, what if the new Apple Silicon could bring back the Mac Pro 2013, or at least the form factor, as a bridge between the Mac mini and the Mac Pro 2019? Currently, there is no "Mac." There is an iMac, iMac Pro, Mac mini, and Mac Pro, but not a desktop machine called "Mac." Something that is more powerful than the Mac mini, but not the set your hair on fire specs of the Mac Pro. For example, a desktop machine that allows both memory and video card upgrades. The Mac Pro form factor would a good choice for it's design and use of space. So, what if Apple made some tweaks, revamped the video cards, offered a higher ceiling for the ram, upped the internal SSD and re-offered the 2013 model as a "Mac"? It could easily be an 8-12 core machine, like the final high end […]

Neil Parfitt – Someone who is actually using a Mac Pro correctly

There has been a lot of talk about the Mac Pro since it came out. Most of it drivel. There's been admonishment that it's too expensive, it's too powerful, no one has a need for a machine like that. Meanwhile, people like Linus and Jay, build $20k computers, who's sole purpose is to play games, with (multiple) $3000+ video cards and declare what they've done is awesome. Despite this, the Mac Pro is an amazing machine, and several companies have already rushed to make Windows based systems that compete. Linus is practically screaming with joy as he snaps 2TB of ram into a machine so he can open tabs in Google Chrome. A stupid experiment, but the hardware shows other companies are taking the technology of the Mac Pro very seriously. Ironically, it was Linus that pointed me to Neil Parfitt, who actually uses a Mac Pro for work. Real work. Not just someone on YouTube who happened to get […]